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“Atomtechservice”, LLC is a member of the nuclear innovational center of Dimitrovgrad, Ulyanovsk region.

The company performs transfer of technologies and devices, developed during the project of creation in “SRC ARRI”, JSC of uprated control rods for active innovational nuclear reactors of generations IV and IV+, realized by “SRC ARRI” together with Ulyanovsk State University, including:

  • carbonization of amorphous borium;
  • production of dysprosium hafnate nanopowder and pills of it;
  • production of europium pills for nuclear reactor control and safety systems;
  • inspection stands for control of geometrical dimensions, weight, deflection, building way passage, welded connections, as well as of finished products;
  • agglomeration of borium powders by SPS method in order to produce high-density ceramic samples with homogeneous microstructure and high values of mechanical characteristics (micro-hardness and cracking resistance).

Atomtechservice, LLC organizes production of pills of non-metal powders for high-density ceramics with homogeneous microstructure and high values of borium mechanical characteristics, to be used in the nuclear reactor safety and control systems.

Contact info:

10, Samarskaya str., Dimitrovgrad, Ulyanovsk region,

433510, Russian Federation.

Tel.: 8 (937) 275 37 26