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Dimitrovgrad Technical College

Vladimir Aleksandrovich Kologreev - director

The college history dates back to 1958. Building up and expansion of Dimitrovgrad (earlier called Melekess), that is construction of atomic reactor research institute (ARRI), large construction base (DUS, LLC), expansion of “HIMMASH” plant, required more middle-ranking staff. Due to this, personnel departments of the above mentioned enterprises decided to establish an evening technical school.

Every year, more and more students were admitted to the school. New special fields were opened, such as “Process Еechnician”, “Technician of Instruments and Controls”. The number of students increased up to 200. The classes were organized within the premises of the evening school, and later in former bunk houses, located in Berezovaya Roscha. In 1968 the demand in young specialists was almost satisfied. Yet, at that time the construction of Dimitrovgrad auto-aggregate plant – accompanying plant of Volzhsky automobile plant – was launched, and September, 1st, 1968 the evening technical school was assigned to the Ministry of Automobile Industry and became a branch of Ulyanovsk Automotive College (UAMT).

In 1972 a site for school construction was selected near the plant. It took 2 years to build it, and in summer 1974 the first admission was organized.

The institution had a status of technical school up to 1991 when it was re-named as college.

January, 2011, the college was re-assigned to the Ministry of Education of the Ulyanovsk region.

In November 2012 the institution was re-organized and became a part of Vocational school No. 11 “Governor’s Cossack Cadet School Named after Major General V.V. Platoshin”. As a result, the college became the largest educational institution not only in Dimitrovgrad, but also in the Ulyanovsk region.

Dimitrovgrad technical college today is a unique combination of theory and practice, traditions and innovations, technical education and cadet training exercises.

The college is one of a few Russian educational institutions, which is included in the project of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation “Modernization of elementary and secondary professional education for training of experts in the field of atomic industrial complex”.

Over 39 years the institution has built up a creative single-minded teaching staff, consisting of 5 Honored students, 15 Honored workers of secondary professional education, 1 Honored citizen of Dimitrovgrad, 4 Masters of Science, 3 post-graduate students, experienced teachers – reserve officers of Defense establishment and Ministry of Internal Affairs. There 63 teachers of the highest qualification grade, 22 teachers of the first qualification grade and over 1,400 students now at the college.

Over the years of its existence, the college has trained over 10,000 highly qualified experts for local, regional and Russian enterprises and organizations. Over 7,000 of them studied full-time, about 1,000 people studied part-time, and, as initially the institution was intended for young workers, nearly 2,000 students graduated from the evening department. 920 students got degrees with honors.

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63, Aviastroiteley avenue, Dimitrovgrad, Ulyanovsk region,

433513, Russian Federation

Chairman of primary trade union organization of RSBEI of SPE “DTC” Elena Y. Gromoglasova, tel.: 8(84235) 4-69-52

Web-site: http://www.dim-spo.ru/