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Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University

Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University was established far back in 1932, when the country desperately needed qualified teachers and skillful youth workers. At first, there were only three departments: of history and economics, of chemistry and biology, and physicotechnical department. Not so much time later the university became famous as a teachers’ foundry in the Volga region.

The university was established and developing on a fertile ground of best traditions of Russian teaching practices and science. Relying on the achievements of teaching theory, on the best examples of folk educational art, the university supports such a teacher, who can smoothly perform competent education and respected upbringing.

For 80 years the university trained over 60,000 students. Most of them dedicated their life to school and other educational institutions. There are four People’s Teachers among the graduates: Y.I. Latyshev, P.P. Golovin, N.N. Verbin, who is also Hero of the Soviet Union, and N.N. Kuzina, who is also Hero of Socialist Labor. Over 400 university graduates have been awarded Honored Teachers of the Russian Federation.

The university now has 10 departments and 35 sub-departments.

Teaching staff, consisting of over 60 Doctors of Sciences, professors and over 269 Masters of Sciences and associate professors, ensure high level of training.

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