SSC RIAR - АНО "АИР" Агентство инновационного развития Ульяновской области

Areas of interest

Joint-stock Company “State scientific center – Research Institute of Atomic Reactors”

Tuzov Aleksandr Aleksandrovich - director

RIAR is Russia's largest research experimental complex of nuclear power, which provides services for irradiation and post-irradiation examination of materials, designs and demonstrates the innovative technology of fuel production for future nuclear reactors and advanced technologies of nuclear waste treatment. Besides, it develops and manufactures a large range of radionuclides and ionizing radiation sources for science, industry and medicine.

Unique multi-experimental base of RIAR enables to perform scientific and production activities in key development priorities of "Rosatom" State Corporation.

Key business lines:

  • research of materials and components of the reactor cores for different purposes in order to confirm the technical characteristics of the product and to determine the causes of leaks in fuel elements;
  • development of methods and devices, and organization of tests in research reactors, as well as pursuance of post-irradiation examination of staff and promising types of fuel, construction, inhibitory and absorbing materials and products;
  • development and production of experimental irradiation devices, re-fabricated fuel elements, fuel assemblies and other products of nuclear engineering;
  • performing material scientific experiments in order to prolong the lifetime of reactor installations;
  • creation of databases for changing the properties of the fuel in WWER and LWGR reactors based on the results of post-irradiation tests;
  • research in the field of radiation damage physics, modeling of the behavior of materials and elements in reactor cores;
  • exploratory research and testing of materials;
  • development of methods for calculating thermal hydraulic and neutronic characteristics to ensure operational support and safety analysis of nuclear research installations and their experimental devices;
  • development and production of in-core sensors of temperature, pressure, neutron flux, and linear movement as equipment for experimental devices and control systems of nuclear reactors;
  • ampoule and loop testing of model fuel elements, absorbing elements and other components of the reactor cores with different types of heat carriers in residential, transitional and emergency modes of operation;
  • development of control methods and experimental research works of water chemistry modes in research and power reactors;
  • development of design and production technology of fuel elements with vibrocompacting method, including the production of assemblies with their use;
  • development of methodological and analytical support for fuel processing and fabricating of ionizing radiation sources, and their certification;
  • establishment and operation of the remote automated manufacturing line, and control of fuel elements and assemblies with mixed oxide fuel;
  • development of design and production technology of ionizing radiation sources;
  • research works and technological development aimed at improving the efficiency of accumulation and release of radionuclides (including transplutonium elements) in nuclear research reactors;
  • research of the properties of radioactive elements;
  • calculation and experimental works to support the technologies of safe handling of fresh and spent nuclear fuel;
  • development of techniques and equipment for materials research of irradiated materials and products.

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Dimitrovgrad-10, Ulyanovsk region,

Russia, 433510

Tel.: (84235) 32727

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