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“Zenit” oil and chemical engineering plant, LLC

Leonid I. Osipov – Managing director

“Zenit-Himmash” is one of the leading and fastest growing enterprises of the Russian engineering plant.

Zenit-Himmash LLC has 3 main business functions:

  • manufacturing of petrochemical equipment;
  • instrument manufacturing;
  • locks and hardware.

All of the branches of the enterprise possess the GOST R ISO 9001 – 2008 certificates.

Main products include:

  • capacitive, heat-exchange, column equipment for oil and gas industries of Russia, storage facilities and other pieces of metalwork;
  • punches, tools, press molds for rubber, glass, plastic parts, as well as for metal mold casting, injection casting of non-ferrous metals, special equipment of any complexity;
  • locks and hardware;
  • engineering products for nuclear power stations.

“Zenit-Himmash” guarantees high production capacity and high quality of products made since new technologies are applied: NC units are operated with the help of control programs, mathematical models are designed with the help of world-known software (such as SOLIDWORKS, POWER DELKAM, Askon-kompas, Kompas-3D, Kompas-graphic, “Passat” calculation scheme).

Specializing mainly in oil and gas production and light petrochemistry, “Zenit-Himmash” today supplies these industries a lot of complex parts. Besides, it produces various types of equipment for civil and industrial construction, food industry and consumer market. “Zenit-Himmash” possesses its own engineering department with qualified experts in the abovementioned fields, and cooperates with head offices of Russian scientific-research institutes and universities, which allows it to start developing and producing items of any stage of completion of technical documentation. It means one can start literally from the scratch, i.e. from technical requirements.

Contact info:

2, Yung Severnogo Flota str., building 7

Dimitrovgard, Ulyanovsk region

Tel./fax: (84235) 484-94, 484-95

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: http://www.zenit-himmash.ru