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Technological Research Institute named after S.P.Kapitza of USU

Fomin Aleksandr Nikolaevich - Managing director

Technological Research Institute named after S.P.Kapitza of USU (TRI of USU) was founded in 2009 with the purpose of development scientific research work and commercialization of its results in USU. Svetukhin Vyacheslav is the Director of Technological Research Institute named after S.P.Kapitza of USU, Professor, PhD, Honored Science and Engineering Worker of Ulyanovsk region.

TRI of USU ( performs the function of coordinator of SRECW, the result of which can be the commercially attractive technologies, products and services, also as the coordinator of commercialization of developed technologies and products.

TRI of USU consists of the elements of analytical-laboratory, scientific research and innovative infrastructure of USU:

  • Chemical Analytical Laboratory
  • Inorganic Materials Behavior Simulation Laboratory
  • Solid State Electronics Laboratory
  • Probe and Electron Microscopy Laboratory
  • Molecular and Cellular Biology Laboratory
  • Testing Laboratory of Oil and Oil Products
  • Material Science Laboratory
  • Scientific Research Center of Radiation Technologies
  • Scientific Research Center of Laser and Fiber Optic Technologies
  • Center of Nanotechnologies and Materials
  • Center of Collective Use
  • Technopark “USU-High Technologies”
  • Youth Center of Technology Transfer

The prior scientific technological activities of TRI of USU are: nuclear and radiation technologies, laser and fiber optic technologies, new materials, medical-biological and ecology researches, information