Young specialists conference at ARRI

Consulting and project management | 06.03.2014

  • Physics, engineering, irradiation techniques and nuclear reactor safety;
  • Reactor materials science and techniques;
  • Production of radionuclides and radioactive materials, radiochemistry and isotope science;
  • Fuel cycle chemistry and technology;
  • Information systems and control;
  • Radiation and environmental safety.

For the first time, the students of DETI NRNU MEPhI have taken part in the conference, with 6 reports made. According to Yury Valikov, academic secretary at ARRI, annual youth conferences motivate young specialists of the institute to take to scientific activity more eagerly, help to develop public speaking skills, teach to present and defend the results of one’s research works and achievements. Best reports on each topic were chosen. The academic board decided to publish the winners’ works in the SRC ARRI collection of scientific papers.