The fifth meeting of the enterprises and organizations - participants in the cluster

Consulting and project management | 28.05.2014

May, 26, Scientific and Cultural Center n.a. Slavsky hosted the fifth meeting of enterprises and organizations – cluster members, as part of the development program for nuclear and innovation cluster of Dimitrovgrad, Ulyanovsk region.

The participants discussed the results of 2013 and outlined the prospects for further development of the cluster. The meeting was welcomed by A.A. Smekalin – chairman of the meeting, First Deputy Chairman of Ulyanovsk Government, and A. V. Baryshev – acting Head of Dimitrovgrad Administration.

A.N. Gataullin, head of ANO “Center for the development of nuclear and innovation cluster of Dimitrovgrad” reported on the results of their work. He informed on the realization of cluster projects, on achieved results and encountered problems. Mainly, cluster participants appreciated the work performed by the Center rather highly, however no constructive discussion does without criticism. Thus, S.V. Pavlov, head of “SRC ARRI” JSC, while highlighting achieved results in cluster development and reputation, on the whole, suggested initiating specific events, mutually beneficial for all of the participants. Chairman A.A. Smekalkin also expressed his opinion, “By today, a lot has been done, yet there are still many issues left to be sorted out. I believe by joint efforts only we can find effective solutions, that is why I think we need to meet a lot more often than just once a year”.

Besides, A.N. Gataullin informed the participants on educational projects realized as part of cluster development program, and called for a more keen participation in realization of such projects.

The final part of the meeting included presentations of both realizing and new cluster projects. Thus, I.N. Panin, Doctor of Science, Deputy Head of DETI SRNU MEPhI, reported on “Modern materials and technologies of nuclear power engineering”. In his report, A.R. Varlamov, dean of CPE department, informed on the stages of development for joint educational program of nuclear and innovation cluster.

Apart from cluster members, a delegation from Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University was invited to take part in the meeting. A lively interest was aroused among the participants by the report of E.A. Antonova, Head of Scientific and Research Center of Fundamental and Applied Bioecology and Biotechnology on “Development and practice-oriented application of innovational molecular-cellular technologies as part of modernization of biotechnological cluster of Ulyanovsk region”.