June, 27, Yazev’s Official Visit to Dimitrovgrad

Consulting and project management | 30.06.2014

Valery A. Yazev is a member of the State Duma of the sixth Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, First Deputy Chairman of Committee on Natural Resources, Nature Management and Ecology. Recently, V.A. Yazev has become Cluster Council Chair, and this visit to our city is his first visit in a new position.

As part of the visit program, Mr. Yazev together with S.I. Morozov, Ulyanovsk Governor, visited enterprise of SC Rosatom “ARRI”, where molybdenum-99 is produced, one of the most demanded isotopes in medicine.

The delegation visited a construction site of the federal hi-tech center of medical radiobiology of FMBA of Russia. The creation of the center is one of the key projects in the course of development of Nuclear Innovation Cluster of Dimitrovgrad.

Information center of Nuclear Innovation Cluster gave a presentation of key cluster projects. Valery B. Malinovsky, in particular, informed on the development stages of a unique project of the nuclear plant with 100 MW experimental-industrial energy unit with reactor installation on fast neutrons with a lead-bismuth coolant. Ivan A. Sagan, head of DETI NRNU MEPhI, reported on the staff training system.

Governor of the Ulyanovsk region pays particular attention to the problem of staffing support. “We understand that we can hardly support ARRI and other cluster units with staff from internal reserve only, that is why we plan to actively cooperate with our colleagues from MEPhI and with institutions from other regions”, said Sergey Morozov.

In the final part of the visit, the participants discussed the problems, which affect rapid realization of cluster projects. Besides, the Cluster Council has been decided to be called in September, 2014.

Summing it all up, Valery Yazev noted the following: “Nuclear Innovation Cluster is one of the few clusters in our country, which is successfully in progress. Not without problems, of course, but still, it is a fast-developing one, and we need to support it.”

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