September, 11-12, 2014, VIII Samara Interregional Economic Forum “Cluster Policy – Basis of Innovational Development of National Economy”

Consulting and project management | 16.09.2014

amara interregional economical forum “Cluster Policy – Basis of Innovational Development of National Economy” has been taking place every year since 2007 as a ground for discussion and development of means and methods of the Russian cluster policy.

The forum is an efficient communication ground for state authorities, businessmen and public members to discuss the problems of realization of the cluster policy and cluster initiatives.

The forum is traditionally organized under the patronage of the Ministry of economic development and trade of Russia.

More than 1,000 members from various Russian and foreign regions took part in the forum. Among them are representatives of large enterprises and corporations, specialized cluster organizations, small and medium businesses, regions – members of Association of Innovative Regions of Russia, federal and regional authorities, development institutes, etc. Albert N. Gataullin, head of ANO “CCD”, was a member of the delegation from the Ulyanovsk region.

The forum became a ground to discuss not only the problems of development of innovative territorial clusters, applied control and development approaches, but also the problems of engineering development in clusters.

This predetermined the global topic of the forum – “Cluster policy and cluster development control in new economic conditions”.

Among the problems of the highest interest were modern cluster policy in Russia and over the world, regional experience of cluster policy realization, cluster educational initiatives, and the role of engineering centers in cluster innovative development, selection of efficient cluster control model.

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