JSC “SSC RIAR” presented the annual report on environmental safety

Important | 08.07.2019

Representatives of the CRK took part in the presentation of the annual report on the environmental safety of JSC “SSC RIAR”. .

More than twenty representatives of the media, public associations and clergy, local governments and environmental organizations took part in a press tour organized by SSC RIAR to inform the population of the region about the environmental activities of the enterprise. During the event, a presentation of the annual public report on environmental safety was held. Then, the participants of the press tour visited a number of laboratories and the meteorological site of the environmental management department (UZOS) of the institute, made a trip to the industrial storm sewer.

During the presentation, the head of the UZOS Sergei Efarov spoke in detail about the impact of the institute's production activities on the environment, information on the work of the environmental management system, as well as data on the results of integrated radiation and environmental monitoring around the SSC RIAR.

Monitoring (control) of air pollution, soil and water body within the SPZ and ZN of the Institute since 2017 is carried out with the help of a mobile laboratory of radiation and chemical control of UZOS on the basis of the Gazelle GAZ-27057. The modern laboratory is designed to perform current and operational measurements of the parameters of the ecological and radiation situation and present this data in real time. The laboratory allows to obtain data on the radiation background of the terrain (indicating the radionuclide composition and measurement trajectory), air pollution, natural waters, soils and bottom sediments. He also spoke about the activities in the field of environmental activities and measures to improve environmental safety.

Industrial environmental monitoring and monitoring (measurement, analysis, assessment) of the state and pollution of the environment, carried out at JSC “SSC RIAR”, include: control of emissions and discharges of radioactive and chemical pollutants, accounting and control of radioactive waste, and production and consumption wastes, monitoring of radiation and chemical parameters of the state of environmental objects in the SPZ and in ZN.

Sergey Efarov made a special emphasis on the fact that JSC “SSC RIAR” does not discharge radioactive substances (radionuclides) with wastewater into open surface waters. The water of the subdivisions (water of reactor installations, contour waters, decontamination waters, etc.) contaminated with radioactive substances is discharged through a special sewage system in the reception center of the KORO JSC JSC “SSC RIAR”.

"The costs and investments in environmental protection last year at the institute amounted to more than 129 million rubles, of which more than 51 million rubles for radiation safety and 41 million rubles for the protection of atmospheric air," said Sergey Alekseevich.

Throughout the press tour, participants could ask any questions of interest.

This event showed that ensuring trouble-free, safe and sustainable operation of the SSC RIAR objects is the main condition for the activities of the institute. The organization of work at the enterprise for nuclear and radiation safety is carried out in absolute accordance with the applicable norms of the Russian legislation. The institute conducts continuous monitoring of the radiation situation on the industrial site, in the sanitary protection zone and the observation zone; an automated radiation monitoring system, an operational monitoring system for emissions, a subscriber station of the Situation Crisis Center of ROSATOM and an industry center for collecting and analyzing information on safety of nuclear research facilities have been established and are operational.

SSC RIAR annually publishes public reports on environmental safety, which are designed to inform a wide range of stakeholders. http://niiar.ru/?q=annual_report The main corporate document in the field of ensuring environmental safety and environmental protection is the “Environmental Policy of JSC“ SSC RIAR ”, defining the principles of the Institute in the field of ecology.

In addition, there is a website www.russianatom.ru, which provides hourly updated sensor readings containing data on the current level of radiation, as well as an archive of readings, with data on the level of radiation for any past period broken down by hours, days, and months .

We thank JSC "SSC RIAR" for the information provided.