The period of self-isolation is not a reason to reduce the pace of work. CDC continues to attract residents in TASED "Dimitrovgrad"

Important | 12.05.2020

The period of self-isolation is not a reason to reduce the pace of work. ANO "TsRK" continues to attract residents in the territory of advanced social and economic development "Dimitrovgrad"

There are currently 8 companies in operation. Potential residents were assisted in the preparation of documents for applications for joining TASED. The application itself is scheduled before the end of May 2020. The implementation of these projects will provide more than 200 new jobs for Dimitrovgrad residents, and the total investment will amount to more than 230 million rubles.

The first of 8 companies - DMF AURORA LLC has already received preliminary approval at the municipal level. The application has been submitted to the Ministry of Digital Economy and Competition of the Ulyanovsk Region for consideration. Upon approval of the application, an agreement will be concluded by the end of May to carry out activities in the status of a resident of TASED and DMF AURORA LLC will begin to implement the project. The applicant's investment project involves the modernization of furniture production with an increase in its productivity. 10 million rubles will be invested to purchase new equipment and improve production. This will create an additional 236 jobs.

Recall that not only newly created organizations, but also existing companies can become residents of TASED Dimitrovgrad, subject to certain conditions: the number of jobs created cannot be less than 20 units, the number of employees is not less than the average for the last 3 years, investments are not less 10 million rubles.