Some results of the work of CDC CRK in the direction of TASED development

Important | 21.07.2020

The time has come to summarize some of the results of the work of CDC CRK in the direction of TASED development. As a result of joint work with the regional JSC "Corporation for the Development of the Ulyanovsk Region", we managed to significantly increase the investment attractiveness of the city. A huge amount of work has been done both in the search for projects that can be implemented on the territory of Dimitrovgrad, and in the direction of improving the regulatory framework. As a result: 44 organizations have the status of a resident of TASED "Dimitrovgrad" today. Let us recall that at the beginning of the year there were 8 residents and all of them are successfully developing today. Over the past six months, the increase in residents amounted to 36 companies.

LLC "Prism" (Organization of production of mirror elements and mirrors), LLC "Torsion-D" (Modernization of the plant for the production of springs for cars), LLC "PTIMASH" (Development of production of heat exchange, tank and column petrochemical equipment), LLC "Polesie DG" (Organization of production of plastic toys and household goods), LLC "Monolit" (Creation of production of locking sealing devices),ООО "Dimitrovgrad Valve Plant" (Creation of a production of linear-suspended fittings for air distribution networks with a self-supporting insulated wire), AvtoRUS Dimitrovgrad LLC (Creation of a production of wire harnesses for the Renault-Nissan alliance), EK Chemical Povolzhye LLC (Construction complex for the production of dry building mixtures, priming and impregnating compounds), FORTEKS LLC (Creation of the production of components for the railway rolling stock of the Russian Railways), DMF Aurora LLC (Modernization of the production of a furniture factory in order to increase its productivity),LLC LS-Stamp (Creation of a stamping production), LLC Plastic-DD (Creation of production of products from plastics for electrical purposes), LLC Laus Deo (Creation of a diagnostic and treatment center for rehabilitation and restorative medicine), LLC DKBK ( Creation of production of corrugated cardboard and packaging), LLC "Technological production" (Construction of a plant for the production of concrete slabs), LLC "Pragma" (Setting up a production of metalworking), LLC "Melekesskaya Sloboda" (Construction of a plant for bottling vegetable oils), LLC "NefteMashTechnologii "(Creation of production of tanks for the oil and gas industry), LLC "Etalon" (Creation of a production for the manufacture of canned food), LLC "Hotpipe" (Organization of production of mineral heat and sound insulation materials and products). LLC "PromGrad" (Creation of production for the manufacture of spring shaped products). LLC "Polesie Mashstroy" (Organization of production of paper, cardboard containers, cardboard and other paper products), LLC "Jupiter" (Organization of production of paper products for sanitary and hygienic and household purposes "), LLC" Dimitrovgrad Foundry "(Creation of a competence center aluminum and zinc casting, production of products based on them), LLC "Polesie Logistic" (Organization of production of metal household goods, tools, equipment and other metal products), LLC "Consumer Goods" (), LLC "Dimitrovgrad Special Cables Plant" (Establishment of production of power cables), LLC "LesGrad" (Organization of production wooden tools, tool bodies and handles, lumber and other wood products). LLC "KPH Welton" (Creation of production of composite materials), LLC "Faros Hygiene" (Organization of production of personal protective equipment), LLC "Kvant" (Creation of furniture production), LLC "Vasha Mebel" (Organization of production of furniture), LLC "NaukoGrad" (Organization of production of uniformly structured carbon monocrystals for high-temperature and working in extreme conditions microelectronic sensors in the form of high-temperature conductors), LLC "Ecotechstroy" (Creation of a complex for processing bitumen waste), LLC "KODIF" (Creation of production for processing heat-resistant steels ), Popper LLC (Setting up a production of LED lamps), MPG F7 LLC (Setting up a production of disinfecting installations), Prommetall LLC (Organization of hot-rolled steel production), Smart Mebel Plus LLC (Furniture production organization),LLC "StarKab" (Organization of production of cable products), LLC "UlBS" (Organization of production for the development of autonomous takeoff and landing stations for UAVs), LLC "Cotton" (Organization of production of cosmetics and household chemicals), LLC "Tekhostnastka DD" (Organization production of technological equipment, fixtures, other tools and equipment), LLC "RTM Pro" (organization of production of medical masks).

During the period of validity of the status of TASED "Dimitrovgrad" the amount of investment costs exceeded 394.4 million rubles, 560 new jobs were created.

We continue to work on a number of initiatives to improve the PSEDA tool, which have already been sent to the Government of the Russian Federation. So, according to our proposal, the list of types of economic activities (OKVED) was expanded, in the implementation of which a special legal regime of entrepreneurial activity operates. Expansion of the list of OKVED for TASED "Dimitrovgrad" (DECREE OF THE GOVERNMENT OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION No. 972 dated July 2, 2020) will provide an opportunity to attract additional investors whose activities are aimed at breeding and growing fish, creating call centers, providing services in the field of information technology, etc. We also hope to extend the period of validity of preferences on payroll charges for the entire period of the TASED.