On November 26, the annual meeting of the participants of the nuclear innovation cluster was held

Important | 26.11.2020
On November 26, the annual meeting of the participants of the nuclear innovation cluster was held

Modern realities do not allow us to hold an event in the format of an annual face-to-face meeting of colleagues and like-minded people. But we decided not to cancel the meeting, since the opportunity to take stock and outline ways for further development is important for all residents of our cluster. The meeting was held in the VKS format.

Traditionally, the Chairman of the Government of the Ulyanovsk Region Alexander Smekalin addressed the audience with a welcoming speech.

“It is gratifying that the cluster has long and firmly occupied an important niche in the development of nuclear technologies, materials science and many other areas, and is a demanded development institution for 70 of its participants. It is not for nothing that the cluster has received recognition at the level of the European cluster association and is one of the most effective clusters. We have infrastructure and educational projects, there are small and medium-sized business start-up projects that started from our cluster and have grown to the status of guaranteed suppliers of Rosatom State Corporation, have serious patents and supply high-tech medical products for export, have entered the system of standards of delivery medical services not only in Russia but also abroad. We have a lot to be proud of ”- noted Alexander Smekalin.

Next, the first deputy head of the city Albert Gataullin addressed the meeting participants.

“The cluster is viewed by the city not only as a source of innovative and scientific projects, but also as a resource for the development of the city. Therefore, we must not forget that each cluster member also bears a certain social responsibility. And we are very grateful to all the cluster participants. This year, the cluster, together with the Government and the City Administration, has attracted new participants to the PSEDA, which will create not only a scientific, but also an industrial basis for the city's development in the future, ”said Albert Gataullin.

Veniamin Sorokin, Director of CDC, reported to the participants on the results of the work for the reporting period.

At the end of 2019, 4 organizations were included in the cluster. All of them presented their projects at last year's meeting. For incomplete 2020, 3 more organizations decided to become members of the NIC, plus 2 potential residents are at the stage of project examination. In total, starting from 2019, the increase in new participants will be 9 companies, and the total number of residents will be 70 companies.

For less than 2 years, CDC has organized training for over 160 employees from more than 30 organizations of the cluster members. As a result of mastering additional training programs, all employees received documents on advanced training. With the support of ANO "TsRK", the enterprises that are part of the Cluster took part in 26 exhibition and fair events. At the end of 2020, the number of residents of TASED "Dimitrovgrad" increased from 8 to 44, which is 36 companies more than in 2019. By the end of the year, there will be 45 of them. As a result of the implementation of all these projects, we expect about 3 billion (2994.15 million) investments and almost 3,000 created workers (2996). More detailed information on the results of CDC activities can be obtained at https://cluster-dgrad.ru.

An obligatory and important part of the annual meetings is informing about the stages of implementation of key cluster projects.

So about the work of the PET center, which functions as part of the largest medical center - the Federal High-Tech Center for Medical Radiology, the participant was reported by Alla Bazyuk - Head of the Department of the PET Center of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise FVTSMR FMBA of Russia.

At the moment, through the efforts of the cluster, a center for collective use of modern high-tech laboratory equipment has been created on the basis of DITI NRNU MEPhI. Irina Beginina, head of the DITI NRNU MEPhI, told her colleagues about the joint use of the material and technical base and the acquired competencies.

Great interest of the participants was aroused by the report “On the project of additional professional education“ Children's Technopark Quantorium ”and the prospects for cooperation with the residents of the Cluster”, which was presented by Olga Vladimirovna Strogaya, Deputy Director of the Dimitrovgrad Technical College, head of the Children's Technopark “Quantorium”. Also, an agreement was signed between ANO "TsRK" and the Dimitrovgrad Technical College. Provides for cooperation in matters of mentoring in the implementation of educational programs of DT "Quantorium".

The most important part of the annual meetings is the presentation of new innovative projects, the holders of which plan to become residents of the cluster. This time, three projects were presented to the attention of the participants.

• LLC "NeuroProfit" with the project "Development of a software package based on a neural network for career guidance, professional diagnostics and increasing efficiency in the workplace." A software and hardware complex based on a neural network for career guidance, professional diagnostics and increasing efficiency in the workplace reveals the subject's predisposition to certain areas of professional activity, determines how confidently the acting employee makes decisions in his area of ​​responsibility. The product is intended for career guidance for children and adolescents, and is also an HR tool for working with personnel. • LLC "YUZEFUL SINCE" with the project "Early diagnosis of skin melanoma". • LLC "NaukoGrad" with the project "Research of methods of synthesizing and creating uniformly structured single crystals of carbon by the HPHT method."

Further, Rustem Davlyatshin, Advisor to the Chairman of the Government of the Ulyanovsk Region, addressed the participants with a proposal for some reformatting of the cluster.

"Thanks to reliable cooperation ties, over the past 3 years, there has been a significant increase in the key indicators of organizations of cluster participants, for example, exports have grown (2.5 to 2.9 billion), research and development (2 times), production per person has increased from 1 , 7 to 2 million rubles. These are not bad results, but for a breakthrough movement forward, we need to look for new formats, "Rustem Davlyatshin said.

Supported the proposal of R. Davlyatshin on the need to prolong the strategic document of the cluster in the future Evgeniy Kutsenko - Director of the Center "Russian Cluster Observatory" ISSEK, National Research University Higher School of Economics. Also in his speech, he highly appreciated the work of the cluster team, gave some recommendations on the potential possibilities of cluster associations, on trends and prospective development of clusters both in Russia and abroad.