The week dedicated to the Day of Russian Science was filled with bright events

Important | 11.02.2021
The week dedicated to the Day of Russian Science was filled with bright events

February 8, on the Day of Russian Science, at the N.K. E.P. Slavsky, a meeting was held on the topic "Development of Atomic Science in Dimitrovgrad". The leaders responsible for the development of science in the organizations of the city, including those in the nuclear innovation cluster, spoke at a thematic round table with the participation of students of a specialized university and young employees of SSC RIAR.

A contest of photos posted on VKontakte and Instagram social networks has been launched, timed to coincide with the 65th anniversary of JSC SSC RIAR. Anyone can take part in the Competition, regardless of age. The conditions of the competition are as follows: from February 9 to March 10, 2021 take a photo (selfie) against the background of the information banner "# 65letGNTs_NIIAR", installed in the hall of the 1st floor of the NCC im. E.P. Slavsky (pr. Dimitrov, 12), or against the background of the building of the NKTs im. E.P. Slavsky; post a photo to the social network VKontakte and / or Instagram with the obligatory indication of the Contest hashtags: # 65yearsGNTs_NIIAR, #NaukaDimitrovgrad; your name and surname; at the discretion of the participant, the text for the photo can be supplemented with a slogan, words of congratulations, and other hashtags. The winners of the competition will be awarded on March 15, the historic day of the establishment of the SSC RIAR.

In the NCC them. E. P. Slavsky held a traditional festival dedicated to the Day of Russian Science. The event is held annually with the joint participation of SSC RIAR, the Center for the Development of the Nuclear Innovation Cluster, the city administration, the information center for nuclear energy in Ulyanovsk.

DITI MEPhI awarded diplomas to graduates of the specialties "Nuclear reactors and materials" and "Chemical technology of materials of modern energy".