“Digital Breakthrough” in Ulyanovsk

Industrial implementation of development | 27.06.2019

IT specialists of the Ulyanovsk region will develop prototypes of digital products to improve the quality of life in the region.

The opening ceremony of the regional stage of the All-Russian competition "Digital Breakthrough" with the participation of Governor Sergey Morozov will be held on June 29 at 11.00 on the site of the Palace of creativity of children and youth (50 Minaev Street).

The “Digital Breakthrough” competition is part of the “Russia is a country of opportunity” platform, created on the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin. At the regional level, the event was organized by NPO "Center for the Development of the Nuclear Innovation Cluster of the City of Dimitrovgrad" with the support of the Government of the Ulyanovsk Region and the IT Development Fund. The full-time semi-final will be attended by specialists from such fields as information technology, project management, design, who showed the best results in the qualifying stage. About 200 experts in the field of digital economy will compete for the right to reach the final in Ulyanovsk.

For 36 hours, participants in teams of 3 to 5 people will work on projects that are aimed at improving the lives of everyone in the country in the areas of health, education and science, transport and logistics, utilities and the urban environment, and public administration.

The award ceremony for the winners of the regional stage of the competition will be held on June 30 at 20.00. The best participants, namely, 15 teams will get to the largest hackathon of the country, which will be held in September of this year in Kazan. The prize fund of the “Digital Breakthrough” is 10 million rubles. Also, the winners will receive job offers in leading companies, assistance in launching their own technology business, the opportunity to receive a grant for the implementation of your projects from the Innovation Support Fund.