Presidential engineering skill improvement program currently in fast-moving progress

Vocational education | 13.03.2014

This program is mainly aimed at improving professional skills of engineering experts in the industries strategically significant for the development of Russian economy, and at improving the procedure of engineering training as part of strategic partnership of Russian educational institutions and economical enterprises.

As part of this program, additional professional programs for engineers were selected on a competitive basis. Russian educational institutions certified to implement the educational activities in corresponding fields of engineering studies took part in the competition.

Upon completion of the program, as many as three educational institutions of the nuclear innovational cluster were included in the presidential program. These are Dimitrovgrad Engineering and Technological Institute of NRNU MEPhI, Ulyanovsk State Univeristy and Ulyanovsk State Technical University.

Here you can download the list of the programs selected within the Presidential engineering skill improvement program for 2012-2014.