Project “Teacher’s Day at Nuclear Objects” launched in Dimitrovgrad.

Vocational education | 23.06.2014

The project was organized by State Corporation “Rosatom”, while the Information Center on Nuclear Energy in Ulyanovsk, ANO “Center for Development of Nuclear Innovation Cluster of Dimitrovgrad” and DETI NRNU MEPhI acted as coordinators.

Within the framework of the project teachers and lecturers of engineering disciplines of general, professional and extended education visit local objects of nuclear industry. The main aim of the project is to provide the professionals, specializing in nuclear physics, energy engineering, chemistry and ecology, with the possibility to familiarize themselves in practice with operating procedures of nuclear objects, control and safety systems thereof, and to share their knowledge with students.

By today, the academic staff of “RSBEI CPE of Ulyanovsk Institute of Continuing Education and Retraining of Educators” visited “SRC ARRI” JSC, the nuclear reactor, the environmental protection department and the museum. Then the teachers visited educational and laboratory facilities of DETI NRNU MEPhI. The day ended with the round table in the information center of Dimitrovgrad nuclear and innovation cluster on “Development prospects of Dimitrovgrad nuclear and innovation cluster. Cooperation in further training of educators through cooperation of the nuclear center, SRC ARRI JSC, DETI NRNU MEPhI, and IC NIC”.