Production of boron carbide tablets with high enrichment

For participants

Atomtechservice LLC is a part of the nuclear innovation cluster in Dimitrovgrad, Ulyanovsk Region.

The company transfers technologies and devices developed during the implementation of JSC “SSC RIAR” together with Ulyanovsk State University of the project to create at JSC “SSC RIAR” the production of control and protection rods with enhanced performance characteristics for operating innovative nuclear reactors of the 4th and 4th generations, including including:

  • carbonization technology of amorphous boron;
  • technologies for producing dysprosium hafnate nanopowder and making tablets from it;
  • europium pellet technology for atomic reactor protection control systems;
  • stands for control of geometric dimensions, mass, deflection, passing through the stocks, the strength of welded joints, control of finished products;
  • technology of sintering boron carbide powders by the SPS method for obtaining high-density model samples of ceramics with a uniform microstructure, with high values of mechanical characteristics (microhardness and crack resistance).

Atomtechservice LLC is implementing a project for organizing the production of tablets from non-metallic powders to obtain high-density ceramic products with a homogeneous microstructure with high values of the mechanical characteristics of boron for use in atomic reactor protection control systems.

The aim of the project is to create an industrial production of boron carbide tablets with high enrichment in the boron-10 isotope for regulatory authorities for fast neutron reactors (BN-reactors).

The project is being implemented in order to increase the life of regulatory agencies for nuclear reactors while maintaining the original efficiency, reducing the rate of decrease in efficiency, increasing the radiation resistance and thermal conductivity.

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