Construction of a research nuclear installation (MFRR) - АНО "АИР" Агентство инновационного развития Ульяновской области

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 The project is a part of the federal special-purpose program “Nuclear power technology of the next generation for 2010 through 2015 and, as a perspective, up to 2020”

Multifunctional Research Reactor on Fast Neutrons is a reactor installation that includes a multifunctional fast research reactor (MFRR) using neutrons and ionizing radiation for research purposes.

MFRR is used:

  • as an experimental basis for R&D and engineering works on innovation nuclear installations of the next generation;
  • to master the technology of close fuel cycle and radioactive waste disposition;
  • for complex research on radiation materials science, including creation of new structural, fuel and absorption materials;
  • for complex experimental works using neutron and other types of reactor radiation for fundamental research;
  • for practical use of reactor radiation to create radioactive nuclides, for changing physical and mechanical properties of materials, and for medical purposes.

The new research reactor is to include several isolated hinges with autonomous cooling system, several instrumented units in the reacting core, as well as several units for in-reactor material research. MFRR is a multifunctional reactor enabling to perform investigation works on materials, reactor physics, safety, testing of new elements in the radiating core, control and monitoring means, to create unique radioactive nuclides, etc. The research reactor of this kind only makes it possible to perform investigation works both for fast and thermal reactors, as well as for other promising trends of nuclear power for the upcoming decades.

The estimated cost of the project - 16 432,2 mln. RUB.

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