Construction of a radiochemical research complex - АНО "АИР" Агентство инновационного развития Ульяновской области

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The project is aimed at getting valid baseline information to work with, experimental and testing grounding of promising technologies of closed fuel cycle, and getting valid data for project documentation for the industrial recycling module of SNF from fast-neutron reactors, as well as project documentation for a net of centrally managed recycling plant of SNF from fast-neutron reactors.

Estimated cost of the project – 4 267 mln. RUB.

Main tasks of MRC are as follows:

  • to develop innovation technologies of recycling SNF from fast reactors for producing the baseline information necessary for creating a full-scale recycling production ready for the technology of closed nuclear fuel cycle;
  • to develop the process of close nuclear fuel cycle with minor actinides and to perform reactor and technological tests of the process;
  • to optimize radioactive waste recycling scheme with the help of which long-lived radioactive nuclides are turned into space-saving and safe forms of storage, and/or utilization of high-active waste;
  • to develop new equipment and, as a result, to gain engineering and technological data to create efficient production;
  • to cooperate with international organizations and to facilitate the creation of international SNF recycling centre as part of MRC in ARRI.


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