Construction of the Federal Center for Medical Radiology

For participants

The project is realized in the framework of the state program for 2008 – 2012 “Creation of federal centers of nuclear medicine technologies” at the order of Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, dtd November, 10th, 2005 and of the Russian Government No. DM-P12-3334 dtd July, 10th, 2007.

In accordance with RF Government Decree No. 145 dtd March, 17th, 2010 “On budget investments into development and construction of the Federal High-Technology Center of Nuclear Medicine (Dimitrovgrad, Ulyanovsk region)”, financing of the project amounts to 21,9 billion RUB. The object building owner is the state budgetary health care institution “Clinical hospital No. 172 of Federal Medical and Biological Agency”.

Main aims of the Center are as follows:

  1. To give hi-tech nuclear medical care to the patients of FMBA, to the population of Privolzhsky federal district, as well as to the citizens of Russia in the following medical areas: oncology, endocrinology, cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, neurosurgery.
  2. To give special medical care to the injured in radiation incidents.
  3. To apply the new technologies of radioactive nuclide diagnostics and radioactive nuclide therapy, X-ray therapy, interventional radiology, as well as complex diagnostics and therapy of socially significant diseases in the mentioned medical areas.
  4. To train highly qualified personnel in nuclear medicine.

The construction of Dimitrovgrad Federal hi-tech center of nuclear medicine will reduce the death rate from cancer by 25%.

Construction of federal centers of nuclear medicine will lead to the following improvements

by 5 – 8 times

by 15-20%

by 30-40%


by 5-30%

31.4 bln RUR (1 bln. USD) yearly

Number of cancer recurrences will be reduced

Number of detected cancer diseases will be increased

Quality of cardiovascular diseases diagnostics will be improved

Treatment of locally advanced prostate cancer

Death rate from cancer will be reduced

Estimated economical effect

The Center is to treat malignant growths and cardiovascular diseases. Oncotic abnormality is treated both individually with the help of heroic and nonradical programs, and jointly, in a complex manner.

The main aim of Federal High-Technology Center of Nuclear Medicine is giving hi-tech medical care in:

  1. Oncology.
  2. Endocrinology.
  3. Cardiology and cardiovascular surgery.
  4. Neurosurgery.

Main tasks of the Center are as follows:

  • to give highly qualified special medical care with the application of high technologies to oncologic patients – implementation of new methods of oncologic screening
  • implementation of hi-tech diagnostics of antineoplastic therapy

 Number of attendances of advisory clinic per shift - 240

Total bed capacity – 464 cots, among them:

  • 368 24-hour cots (including 24 emergency room cots)
  • 96 day-time cots

Approximate amount of personnel – 1430, including:

  • doctors - 340
  • nursing staff - 460
  • medical attendants - 350
  • engineers - 120
  • helpers – 160.

The following medical technologies are going to be used at Federal hi-tech center of nuclear medicine:

  • surgery, mixed and complex treatment of malignant growths in various combinations
  • chemotherapy of malignant growths, including the use of bone marrow and stem cells transplants
  • teletherapy with the use of linear accelerators and gamma therapy units
  • X-ray therapy
  • brachytherapy
  • proton therapy
  • radionuclide therapy
  • minimally invasive endoscopic procedures in case of malignant growths
  • hyperthermia and photodynamic therapy
  • surgery treatment with the use of interventional (X-ray angiographical) technologies
  • intraoperative ray treatment.
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