Construction of a fitness center

For participants


 Sports and recreation center is a sports center designed for competitions and training sessions on such team sports as basketball, volleyball, etc., and such combat sports as Greco-Roman wrestling, judo, karate, etc., as well as for fitness workouts.

The first floor of the center is designed for: a gym (for sport games), fitness studios (male and female), an entrance hall, a cloakroom, a room for coaches, changing rooms, a game room for children, security rooms, and various staff rooms.

The second floor is to have a multipurpose gym, a buffet, a hall, a cloakroom, a gallery for visitors, a viewing platform, administrative and service-utility rooms.

 The third floor is to have administrative rooms.

Technical and economical characteristics:

  • Land plot  area – 8,340 m2
  • Total area of the building – 2,526.3 m2


  • area of gyms – 1,506.9 m2

among them:

  • area of the gym for sport games – 754 m2
  • area of multipurpose gym – 392 m2
  • area of fitness studios (male and female) – 360 m2


  • Gym for sport games – 40 people
  • Multipurpose gym – 35 people
  • Fitness studios – 28 people

Total capacity – 103 people.

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