Support measures - АНО "АИР" Агентство инновационного развития Ульяновской области

CRK provides services in accordance with the Regulations for the provision of services in the following areas:

  • Organization and carrying out activities to promote the organization produced by the organization of goods on domestic and foreign markets, exhibitions
  • Production of promotional materials
  • Organization of training, retraining, staff development
  • Organization of own conferences, seminars, exhibitions, round tables, trainings, forums and congresses
  • Assistance in visiting exhibitions, seminars, strategic planning sessions devoted to the development of clusters both in the Russian Federation and abroad
  • Provision of information support to organizations participating in the cluster, SMEs
  • Assistance in the development of organization development programs, in writing and implementing projects
  • Providing advice on the formation and execution of packages of documents for participation in competitive procedures of federal, regional and departmental programs to support innovation and industrial activities of organizations participating in the cluster, SMEs
  • Consulting services in the field of law, incl. patent, accounting and tax accounting, personnel policy in the organization
  • Provision of business planning services
  • Consulting services for the preparation of documents for certification, licensing, auditing, evaluation, etc.
  • Services for the translation of technical texts, scientific articles and reports, research materials and experiments, financial, accounting and contract documentation, etc.
  • Other services